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Construction Inspections

Construction Draw Inspections: During new construction or rennovations, the lender or fanancier of the project requires inspections of the construction phases prior to draw payment to the general contractor and subcontractors. We conduct site visits weekly or monthly according to the schedule of values provided. Accuracy of the contractors’ draw estimates are evaluated by line item and unsatisfactory work is reported and rectified. Reports include photos and narrative reports.

Construction Progress: During new construction, City inspectors generally inspect mechanical, plumbing and electrical phases, but not other phases such as framing, drywall , roofing, sheathing etc. That’s where we come in. Building and engineering firms can count on us to be their eyes and ears by inspecting the job sites and reporting on progress and correct construction according to site plans and specs. We will review site plans and scope of work specifications, change order review, local building code review, and defects found. Our reports are comprehensive to include photos, and the inspector visiting the site is an ex-builder or superintendent with decades of hands on commercial and industrial construction experience.

Construction Dispute Inspections: During, or after, construction and remodeling projects, it’s common for disputes to arise between parties, whether you’re a general contractor or a subcontractor arguing over monies owed, or the customer disputing incorrect construction practices and deviations from scope of work. Commonly, an attorney is hired to build a case for the plaintiff, or an arbitration service is hired as a referee to settle the dispute. We are the 3rd party consultants who come to your aid by giving our unbiased opinion on building plan specification deviations, and repair or remediation cost estimates. We are the expert witness who calls it as we professionally see it.