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Floor Plans

Our floor plans don’t just give room dimensions. They do much more than that. The optional Nuts & Bolts Floor Plan, answers questions investors may have while browsing listings online. Those agent contact forms are time consuming, and the investor has to wait hours if not days to get a reply. Time is money, and by the time you reply to the investor’s question, as to how many air conditioners the property has, he found another property with faster information and you lost your money. 

A Nuts & Bolts Floor Plan is not just great for site unseen properties, it’s an advantage during walkthroughs. It reduces doubts, and instead creates possibilities for the investor knowing how many amps the building has at the panel so he can readily install his equipment without spending money to have the electrical service upgraded. How bout the water heater? Can it handle a commercial dishwasher? Yes, it’s an 80 gallon tank.

Investors have hundreds of questions you might not have answers to in your file folder. This one page, answers many for you, while impressing your client of your savvy resourcefulness. 

A better informed investor, makes for a faster decision, makes for a faster sale.