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What is a Grease Trap / Interceptor?

 A grease trap or interceptor is basically a grease separator in a box, where drainage water from the kitchen sink passes thru, and grease and solids are separated and trapped, while the grease free water continues to the sewage line. It is intended to prevent clogs and sewer backups due to hardened grease blocking the pipes, especially downstream at the water treatment plant that is not equipped to handle grease. This system is only connected to kitchen drains, not bathrooms. Commercial buildings with kitchens such as, restaurants, schools and hospitals are required to have these Grease Traps or Interceptors, and are required to be emptied periodically by a licensed sanitation company.


What’s the difference between Trap and Interceptor?
    The most common term used is “grease trap”, but the two are quite different in size and usage rate. A Grease Trap is a small light use 20-50 gallon tank installed under the sink on the floor, whereas, a Grease Interceptor is a larger 250 – 5,000 gallon concrete tank installed underground. Sometimes, the inlet or outlet gets clogged at the Grease Interceptor, so cleanout pipes are installed, this way that a technician clear out clogs with a stick or tool.