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Commercial Property Condition Assessments cover major systems of the property, evaluation of visible structural components, roofing surfaces, cataloging type and condition of HVAC equipment, and the condition of electrical and plumbing systems. Our experienced commercial inspectors provide accurate repair cost estimates (optional) and assist with due diligence as to the building’s overall condition. The commercial inspection results in a thorough inspection and report designed to help facilitate transaction negotiations. No property is too large or small, and our service area covers a large area of Texas. Inspection Reports are professionally written and emailed with user name and passwords to clients with a cover photo of the building and property. All sections of the report include addendum, detailed photographs and summary. Typical inspection report delivery is within 2-5 business days, and fees can be easily paid online at this website.

Infrared Technology discovers what the naked eye can’t see  

FREE: As an added feature, Savvy Inspections includes a Permit History check to look for open or active permits that may hinder the application process to acquire certificates of occupancy. Results are outlined in the body of the inspection report.

Inspection fees: Building Inspection pricing varies according to type, size, and complexity of property.  Typical minimum pricing can vary from $500 for a small lease space, to $7000 for a 20 story office building.

Pre-lease & Post-Lease Inspections: leasing a property owned and managed by others is no less of a risk than purchasing a building sold by others. Leasing contracts are ambiguous and generally favor the lessor. The lessee (renter) is commonly responsible for maintaining or repairing any structural, roofing, mechanical, or improvements before move-out regardless of the condition of the property before move-in. It’s smart financial business to have the space or property pre-lease inspected prior to signing any contracts, and having a post-lease inspection performed provides documented proof that helps prevent unexpected move-out fees for un-warranted repairs. Covering your bases throughout the lease term and keeping basic maintenance accordingly, helps build trust with the property owners for future business, while hedging the return of your security deposit.

Commercial Building Types: 

Industrial            Hotel/Motel
Restaurant             Retail 
Storefront         Shopping Mall
Church             Light Medical
Multifamily          Gas Station
Self Storage           Office
Lease Space        Multi-use

Construction Draw Inspections: During new construction or renovations, the lender or financier of the project requires inspections of the construction phases prior to draw payment to the general contractor and subcontractors. We conduct site visits weekly or monthly according to the schedule of values provided. Accuracy of the contractors’ draw estimates are evaluated by line item and unsatisfactory work is reported and rectified. Reports include photos and narrative reports.

Construction Consulting: As an added option to draw inspections, we provide construction oversight of the overall construction site from ground breaking to final inspection, and report of progress or discrepancies to the client on a weekly basis. We will attend meetings with project managers and contractors relevant to the progress of the project. Construction monitoring and consulting includes: phase completion rate, adherence to plans and scope of work specifications, change order review, local building code review, and defects found. Reports include photos and narrative reports.

Construction Dispute Inspections: During, or after, construction and remodeling projects, it’s common for disputes to arise between parties, whether you’re a general contractor or a subcontractor arguing over monies owed, or the customer disputing incorrect construction practices and deviations from scope of work. Commonly, an attorney is hired to build a case for the plaintiff, or an arbitration service is hired as a referee to settle the dispute. We are the 3rd party consultants who come to your aid by giving our unbiased opinion on building plan specification deviations, and repair or remediation cost estimates. We are the expert witness who calls it as we professionally see it.

Inspection With Repair Cost Estimates: The acquisition of a commercial property is a significant investment. An inspection will provide the purchaser with the information required to make decisions on the components and systems that are at the end of their life or are non-functional. Included is a cost analysis on all defective building components or items at the end of their expected life. A defective roof alone can cost tens of thousands of dollars. The inspection includes a complete survey of property conditions, a complete inventory of systems and installed equipment, and projected remediation or maintenance costs. 

 Sample Report: